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The Vietnamese American Community Center is owned and operated by Annam Community Development Corporation, established in 2000, by request from community leaders, as well as citizens to form an organization that could address the needs of the Vietnamese American community.  Annam CDC is a non-profit organization, certified as a 501(c)(3) corporation by the Internal Revenue Service.
Annam CDC generates no income in any shape or form.  The Center relies solely on public support for its daily operations.  Contributions come from foundations, banking institutions, and individual community members.  It has no paid staff of any kind; as a result, 100% of its contributions are spent for the betterment of its community.  On the contrary, it can commission a sizable team of volunteers as many as 75 at a time, including the community medical professionals and other specialties.  One other significant way the CDC has helped itself in attaining self-sufficiency was creating its own on-site community vegetable garden where most of its fresh produce are obtained to ensure optimal nutritious values in the daily meal service program.

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