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All activities at the Center are undertaken by volunteers. The Center always appreciates the volunteers who give their time, talent, voice and support to activities of interest within the community. Every volunteer who comes to the Center has a story to tell through which they can inspire others, working together to find ways to take action to create positive changes.

Many volunteers have come and gone. There are also many people who have stayed and offered their services long-term, but they all have the same dream of overcoming difficult challenges together and building a stronger and more vibrant community. Every step they took left a footprint on their journey to help low-income people move toward a brighter future.

Volunteering at the Center is also an opportunity for young people to think about interpersonal responsibility. It is likely for these youths to come away from these experiences with an irreplaceable sense of duty, which can create rewarding and nostalgic memories as demonstrated in the card written below from the students of Duquesne University in Pennsylvania during Spring Break 2022.

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