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Gifts To Share

This year, the Center was especially blessed with huge gifts from Dr. Alicia Bordon and Dr. Juan Carlos Barriga as well as from the Prince of Peace Parish. The Holiday Gifts To Share Program was as busy as ever.

505 children and 243 parents attended this program. For everyone’s health and safety during the pandemic, the Center distributed presents to children in five different shifts. They also enjoyed taking pictures with Santa Claus and Minnie Mouse, eating hot meals, taking home big bags of candy, and listening to festive Christmas music.

Despite the global health crisis, this Christmas was full of hope and happiness. We would like to thank our partners and volunteers for making this possible.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has burdened so many aspects of everyday life, the Center believes in the power of hope and wishes that Christmas can serve as a reminder to express gratitude, generosity, and care. Certainly, the year 2020 was difficult, but the Center has seen the incredible impact of its volunteer community and donor network.

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